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Who is Wizard?

For those of you who dont know me yet, I'm a 25 year old geek whose main interest in life is computers. In fact, I don't just work in computers, its also my hobby! I spend most of my time programming and playing games online like Counter-Strike and Diablo II.

However, some time ago I started to get interested in Anime and DVD films. That in turn led me to buy a video capture card and try to copy them on, you guessed it, my computer. After a long period of trial and error, I found out that what you see on TV isn't what you get on computers and the tools available at the time to remedy this were not very good. That's where avisynth came in! When it became possible to program my own filters and load them with avisynth, I decided to give it a try (even if I hadn't done any C++ programming for 2 years).